Workshops – a straight line …. or leading nowhere

Workshops – a straight line …. or leading nowhere
The room is crowded, people seem to be attentive. The local business association has performed well, recruiting participants out of your target group, and plenty of them.

It seems your local agent was right: this is the perfect moment to develop this new market. Local businesses have understood that they need new technologies to produce efficiently, saving cost and at high quality. They can expect their government to come up with regulation soon, anyway. And to your surprise, your Asian competitors have not yet detected this opportunity. Let’s get started, you have the whole afternoon to score. With four presentations at hand, you cover the complete portfolio of technical solutions and of course all applications. You do not really feel at ease on the podium, all eyes turned to you and you don’t have an idea what may be in the minds of these people. But you have sufficient PowerPoint ammunition at hand….

Three hours later, you are exhausted – but unfortunately, you are not the only one. People look tired, and a bit perplexed. There have been some questions to follow up, but quite specific and how can they expect you to come up with a calculation of their return on investment, just like that. You managed to distribute some of your name cards and yes, you have deserved snacks and the extra sweet coffee – but you had hoped to be beleaguered by prospective customers rather than standing alone at your high table. You had expected to connect with businesses, get in dialogue with them to understand their requirements and explain to them, how your equipment can cater those. Crowds there are, but just at the coffee bar and at the exit. Was it worth investing three working days, not to speak of travel expenses?

—– You can do better! There are ways to improve your performance and to effectively use workshops as a platform to develop new markets in Asia. I can help you with tailored concepts and presentations and a training on how to kickoff dialogue with your audience already on stage. And if needed, I can accompany you on the spot as a professional moderator.

Photo by Joe Beck on Unsplash