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Training, Workshops and Coaching

  • executives
  • marketing and sales staff
  • expatriates


  • culturally-sensitive and client-targeted communication in a professional context – reaching out to clients, suppliers and partners
  • cultural awareness
  • project development tailored to markets
  • team building


  • Basics on communication with customers in Asian emerging markets – general or market-specific; core elements; cultural awareness, typical mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Training and coaching based on previous analysis of problems. Preparation for specific needs, contexts and situations (exhibitions, workshops for customers, presentations, project development).
  • Training and coaching for expatriates: cultural awareness with a focus on professional environments, communication with customers, building networks, managing teams.
  • Training and coaching with a specific focus on Myanmar

Strategic and communication consultancy
For companies, institutions and associations
On successful sustainable market development and responsible sourcing

  • Adapting marketing and communication material to market-specific and culture-specific requirements
  • Analysis of market entry scenarios and related problems, development of tailored and targeted messages and communication concepts, storytelling
  • Creating events for public appearances in Asian emerging markets (customer events, workshops, presence at exhibitions), including scripts and guidelines for implementation
  • Designing projects to accompany market development with additional benefits for target customers (eg in the context of entrepreneurial skills, transfer of know-how)
  • Responsible sourcing: comprehensive communication concepts that take the needs of supplying countries and target markets into account

Moderation and support during public appearances

  • Culturally-sensitive introductions and building networks on the ground
  • Accompanying public appearances in target markets on any occasion – such as meetings with political decision makers, presentations in high level environments or meetings with customers. Moderation to ensure that messages reach the target audience and have an impact.
  • Generating content during public or corporate events in the field or in Germany: moderation of panels and discussions, delivering motivational speeches

Services at a glance for pdf download

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