Monika Stärk

Expert on communication and strategies in Asian Emerging Markets

  • 20 years of professional experience in consulting German companies and institutions: OAV, APA, AHK
  • Humanities graduate with stringent analysis and creativity in developing concepts
  • Field-tested expertise in cultural awareness, communication, and effective networking
  • Focus on quality, substance and added value. Driven by passion and performance.


„It has to bear fruit“ – sales, results, development, change. This is my credo. Convincing others rests on authenticity and a focus on your counterpart. This has been my guiding principle in 20 years of consulting German and international companies.

Expert on Asian Emerging Markets
Consultancy for German companies in different positions:

  • Executive Member of the Board, OAV – German Asia-Pacific Business Association
  • Managing Director, APA – Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business
  • Delegate of German Business in Myanmar
  • Secretary General of bilateral Advisory Councils of the German Federal Government


  • Practical consultancy on communications and strategy for Asia-Pacific markets
  • Conception of economic policy position papers
  • Conception and realization of publications and events
  • Moderation and presentations for institutions and companies
  • Hands-on start-up experience in Asia

Networker with established contacts in Germany and abroad

Humanities graduate and expert on communications

  • Ph.D. in Literature and Philosophy
  • Tools: Thinking, reading – minds as well -, increasing awareness, understanding and change, interfaces between different environments and contexts, discovery, analysis and intuition, paving the way for new concepts

My Principles:

  • A holistic approach taking context into account: trends, frameworks, networks.
  • A focus on detail. Each company and project is different with a specific „UCP“ – Unique Communication Proposition.
  • Feel for differences, changes in perspective and new horizons
  • Focus on content, substance and results