28. November, 2018

Innovating in Asia – Exploring the Unknown
When business representatives discuss about innovating in Asia, cultural steroetypes start to falter. The Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business in Jakarta brought this to light MORE…

26. April, 2018

Cultural diversity – beyond borders
Anyone traveling to Asia to do business there is well advised to get acquainted with cultural specifics and to prepare, MORE…

4. April, 2018

Workshops – a straight line …. or leading nowhere
The room is crowded, people seem to be attentive. The local business association has performed well, recruiting participants out of your target group, and plenty of them.

23. März, 2018

Exhibition – you’re under pressure. Setting up the stand proved to be rather chaotic.
Finally all posters are in place, brochures with information on technologies on display. MORE…

22. März, 2018

The CEO on stage – a high profile audience including ministers and top management of big corporations, your prospective customers.
The first public appearance in this new market and a decisive step in developing it. For the speaker, this is the very first visit on the ground. MORE…

20. März, 2018

High-end technologies and long standing experience in Asian markets is what you have on offer?
But on top you may have amazing stories to tell. I could enjoy these during fascinating dinners with companies, long discussions when meeting incoming visitors for the first time. MORE…