Exhibition – under Pressure

Exhibition – you’re under pressure. Setting up the stand proved to be rather chaotic.
Finally all posters are in place, brochures with information on technologies on display. You are still exhausted after a tiring flight, leaving not much time to acclimatize.

Market information you could run through during the eve indicates there should be potential, urban infrastructure is in dire need of upgrading. But who will come and visit is another question. The day starts rather boring, luckily WiFi allows you to run through your emails to prepare the next meetings. But then: a surprise visit by a municipality officer. A lady, seeming technically versed and quite fluent in English. Paging through the brochures she looks rather at loss. The moment to unfold your laptop and give her a presentation on the most convincing applications of your technology all over the world. Still an empty glaze in her eyes, a brief question on implementation, a ping pong of technical vocabulary, polite thanks and she leaves. Something did not work out. No point of entry in that new market, despite all efforts and expenses. You will have enough time to think about reasons while packing the brochures and removing the displays. Will another try coming year be worth the effort?

You want to make effective use of your marketing budgets and human resources? I can advise you on how to understand and address situations on the ground, knowledge, requirements and expectations in untapped markets while speaking with prospective customers. In order to create added value for your presences at exhibitions.

Photo by Fancy Crave on Unsplash