High-end technologies and long standing experience

High-end technologies and long standing experience in Asian markets is what you have on offer?
But on top you may have amazing stories to tell. I could enjoy these during fascinating dinners with companies, long discussions when meeting incoming visitors for the first time.

Discovery tours into the univers of their technologies, applications and prospective customers.
Real life stories on how customers in emerging markets were able to develop from backyard workshops into regional champions. Insights on regional competition, niche opportunities and development perspectives in specific sectors. Personal experiences on their clients‘ mistakes, lessons learned and factors of success. To me this offered an experience both enjoyable and full with insights. But the following day during meetings with prospective customers, to my frustration these exciting stories fell by the wayside. And with them the unique opportunity to capture future clients – gain their attention, their interest, their entrepreneurial spirit and their hearts. A standard presentation will not help in such situations, independently of how impressive your technologies and global achievements may be.

If you want to learn how to break into new markets with tailored story telling, smart questions and diligent preparation, I can help you. Revealing the value you can create for your customers. Custom-fit to your sitution and real-world solutions!

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash