The CEO on Stage

The CEO on stage – a high profile audience including ministers and top management of big corporations, your prospective customers.
The first public appearance in this new market and a decisive step in developing it. For the speaker, this is the very first visit on the ground.

The team has been in place to prepare, work on studies and briefings to run through during the flight. Competitors are already active on the ground, you will have to catch up. Looking at unknown faces – you wish you could read their minds. How to reach out to them, establish contact from the podium? Fortunately the presentation is at hand, featuring all facts on corporate history, global activities, your product portfolio – and of course the flashy corporate video on global CSR projects. One click on Open file – and you have missed the opportunity. 20 minutes later you take another look at the crowd. No eye contact, no response. Fortunately dinner will be served in a minute.

You see room for improvement and want to create a powerful impression on your audience, sending convincing messages? I can help you with a tailored communication concept, adaption of your standard corporate presentations, custom-fit story telling and a coaching on your public appearance – as well as accompanying you as a moderator in the field.

Photo by Marcos Luiz Photograph on Unsplash